Ridiculous Winter Tour – Week one

I left Seattle for my longest tour ever just over a week ago. I am driving my car from Seattle to New York and back with a bunch of random stops along the way.

Before I left town, I was able to play a few fun shows around the northwest.

In Portland, I headlined the Baghdad Theater. This is a really fun show every friday in a cool historic theater. It’s far more expansive than the audience it draws, but those who show up get the opportunity to see bright new local stand ups perform their best stuff. I made sure to bring down some rising young comics from Seattle to show our neighbors that we too have a budding comedy scene.

Yogi Paliwal, Sean Murphy, Albert Kirchner, and Parker Postyeni represented Seattle’s amateur scene well.

The next Sunday, I got a chance to close out the show at the Tacoma Comedy Club. TCC is probably my favorite club in the northwest right now. They do a great job of making sure both the audience and the performers are ready to have a great show. The time and commitment they have put into the club really shows.

Tuesday, I said goodbye to Seattle by hosting my favorite open mic in the city at the Jai Thai. Rick, Chris, and Anthony have built the Jai Thai show into a gathering place for the Seattle comedy scene and a breeding ground for new talent, nurturing promising comics and presenting them opportunities for growth. It was a really great send off and a chance to see a bunch of friends I will miss while I am on the road.

Thursday, I hit the road for my first major stop, Boise. It also happened to be my birthday. Considering the way my life is moving, it seemed appropriate to spend most of my birthday in the car, driving across the bleak winter landscapes of eastern Washington and Oregon. I hit several big patches of fog that made everything feel like a giant dream sequence.

I got to Boise in time to take a nap and freshen up before starting a weekend of shows opening for Joe Fontenot at Liquid Laughs. Joe and I had never had much opportunity to work together, so it was nice to do it at one of my favorite comedy clubs I get to perform at. The owner, staff, and local comics all make the trip to Boise a fun and memorable time. Plus, the club had 40s of PBR.

Joe and Owen enjoy just one beer

Me and Joe Fontenot enjoying a nice cold beer before a show at Liquid Laughs in Boise

Usually, I find 40 ouncers to be kind of a pain because they tend to get warm before you finish them. No such problem that weekend in Boise. The weather never got above freezing, so taking the 40 outside for a few minutes was enough to keep it chilled.

I had a fun weekend working with Joe and Mikey Pullman. We capped the weekend off by sitting in on a local Boise podcast, The Green Room Interviews. Check out our episode here:

The Green Room Interviews, Episode 9

I really had fun in Boise and look forward to my next visit. This weekend, I am in Colorado Springs working Loonee’s. Next week, Little Rock! Having fun so far.